Timeline of Legacy of Kain

Before Nosgoth’s Recorded History
– genesis of the Pillars of Nosgoth
– formation of the Circle of Nine, sorcerer guardians sworn to protect and serve the Pillars
– the Reaver is forged
over 500 years before Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
The Vampire Purges
Nosgoth’s Early History

– Nosgoth’s vampire population increases
– the order of the Sarafan is formed to counter the vampire menace
– the human Raziel is born, and becomes a Sarafan warrior priest
– the vampire Vorador slaughters six of the Circle for their sponsorship of the Sarafan crusade
– Raziel of the Sarafan dies in combat, and is entombed with the Sarafan martyrs
– the Sarafan crusade ceases
The Corruption of the Pillars
1. History preceding Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen

– Kain travels nearly 50 years into Nosgoth’s past
– Kain assassinates the young King William the Just, who will become Nemesis
– Kain discover another Time Streaming Device and returns to Nosgoth’s present
– Mortanius, the Guardian of Death, is possessed by a dark entity
– Ariel, the Guardian of Balance, is murdered; the human Kain is born, destined to take her place
– Ariel’s murder triggers a chain of events, resulting in the corruption of the Circle, and the decay of the Pillars
– The nobleman Kain is assassinated
2. Events of Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
– in the underworld, the necromancer Mortanius offers Kain the chance to avenge his murder
– Kain hunts down and destroys the corrupt Circle Guardians, restoring each of the Pillars in turn
– Kain meets the ancient vampire Vorador
– Kain doscovers the Soul Reaver within Avernus Cathedral, and claims it for his own
– Kain joins forces with King Ottmar’s Army of Hope, to confront the Legions of the tyrant Nemesis
– the Armies of Hope are decimated; Kain activates the Time Streaming Device, and is propelled nearly 50 years back in time
Events of Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
– Kain returns to present – day Nosgoth… and discovers that assassinating William 50 years ago triggered a renewed vampire purge
– Vorador is executed; Kain is the only survival vampire in Nosgoth
– Kain confronts and kills Moebius, the guardian of Time
– Kain confronts Mortanius, the final Guardian, at the Pillars Mortanius is destroyed as the Darj Entiry possessing his body emerges; Kain defeats the Dark Entity in combat
– with Mortanius’ death, all but the Balance Pillar are restored
– Kain realizes finally that he is the Balance Guardian, and therefore the last of the Nine. He must choose tebween sacrificing himself to heal the world… …or preserving his life and ruling Nosgoth in its damnation
– Kain refuses the sacrifice, ensuring the Pillars’ collapse
400 years after Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
Era following Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
– the events of Blood Omen 2
roughly a century later
– Kain sets the ruined Pillars as the seat of his empire, and the unrestored Balance Pillar as the base of his throne
– Kain raises his six vampire lieutenants from the corpses of the Sarafan martyrs; Raziel is reborn as a vampire
Events of Soul Reaver
a millennium passes
– Raziel evolves, growing wings – for this transgression, Raziel is executed by being cast into the Abyss
centuries later
– Raziel is revived by the mysterious Elder God at the bottom of the Abyss and is reborn as a reaver of souls
– Raziel returns to reap the vampires’ apostate souls and take his revenge on his vampire brethren and his creator, Kain
– Raziel confronts Kain within the ruins of the Pillars Sanctuary; Kain attacks Raziel with the Soul Reaver, his ancient sword – the blade is destroyed on impact. Now a wraith blade, the Soul Reaver intertwines with Raziel and becomes his symbiotic weapon
– Raziel pursues Kain through Moebius’s ancient Chronoplast time portal, and is plunged into Nosgoth’s past.
Events of Soul Reaver 2
– for the first time Raziel meets Moebius
– Raziel meets Kain and realizes that he is the Balance Guardian
– Moebius lures Raziel in Chronoplast time portal, and is taken in the far future
– Raziel finds another Chronoplast time portal, and is taken in the time of Sarafan crusade
– Raziel meets Janos Audron
– Janos Audron is assassinated by the Sarafan Raziel
– Raziel finds the broken Soul Reaver, and by touching it, the sword is repaired
– Raziel meets himself as a Human, and kills him
– Kain realizes that they have been lured in the trap left by Moebius
Events of Defiance
– Kain tries to find Raziel
– Raziel is trapped in the underworld, where he barely escapes
– Raziel and Kain entered in Chronoplast time portal, and are taken in the time of Blood Omen, where Kain refuses to sacrifices himself
– Kain realizes that he possessed the Heart of Darkness( the heart of Janos Audron)
– Raziel meets Vorador
– Raziel realizes that in order to resurrect Janus, he needs his heart
– Raziel realizes that Kain possesses Janus’ heart
– Raziel defeats Kain by taking his heart
– Vorador is assassinated by Moebius and his guards
– Raziel resurrects Janus
– Janus realizes that there is no time and everything is lost
– The Pillars are destroyed by the young Kain
– Janus is possessed by Dark Entity
– Raziel is defeated by Janus and taken again to the Elder God in the Underworld
– Kain find himself in the Underworld without heart but still live
– Kain escapes from Underworld
– Kain kills Moebius
– Raziel has no choice and decided to follow his destiny, by trapping his soul in the Soul Reaver
– the Soul Reaver is fully repaired and Kain confronts and defeats the Elder God



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